Board of Directors

Our top master minds.

Mbuthu Dominic

Dominic is the Chairperson Board of Directors. Dominic is a professional health worker. He holds a Diploma in Public Administration and Management, Diploma in HIV/AIDS Clinical Management and a certificate in nursing and counseling. He is passionate at seeing inclusion of persons with disabilities in all the community programs including the health sector. He works at Bwera Hospital which is near Karambi Group of People with Disabilities.

Isaaya Thalhughunga

Isaaya is the Vice Chairperson board and he is among the five founders of Karambi Group of People with Disabilities. Isaaya is a businessman at the border and he holds a diploma in business administration. He sees that persons with disabilities are running their own businesses, have homes and land for production. He feels happy when seeing a person with a disability getting married and starting a family. He also provides guidance to fathers living with disabilities on family affairs and income generation for men.

Bagheni Selevest

Board Secretary in charge of emergency operations. Bagheni is a trained Red Cross Volunteer. He has worked in many emergency situations including the war of 1996, disasters and during COVID-19. He operates along the board and he is a trainer of new Red Cross Volunteers. He is also a certified agriculture trainer and a community-based health expert. He has a vision for Karambi Group to train staff on how they can meaningfully empower communities to live a better life.

Isambiro Julius

Board Secretary. Julius has a diploma in Primary School Education with a focus on Agriculture, Mathematics and Language. He believes that if people can work together without discrimination, then we can see a better world. His vision for Karambi Group is to ensure equity and inclusiveness for all. He has 18 years working with the young people and he is the master planner of our School Training model of Permaculture design and agroecology for the school going children.

Masika Semerita

Board member representing parents that have children with disabilities. Semerita is a grade three teacher and she has been teaching for the last 23 years. Semerita has experience in taking care of children with disabilities and she offers psychosocial support to parents that have children with disabilities as well giving tips on how best to take care of the children living with disabilities.

Biira Medius Gift

Board member in charge of inclusive Education, sign language and girl’s issues. Medius is an accountant, a social worker, sign language trainer and she is a certified special needs education advocate and advisor. Medius has five years of experience in special needs education and training the deaf and she is passionate about promoting inclusion in community development.

Mugisha Victoria

Board Treasurer, Victoria is a grade three primary Education teacher specializing in science education and she has been teaching since 2003. She also holds a diploma in finance and accounting.  She is passionate at seeing the persons with disabilities respected in the community and also persons with disabilities themselves being the change that they want. Victoria and  Josephat are both community-based rehabilitation workers and they voluntarily spearheaded our home-based visit to homes of children with disabilities for over 10 years.

Barnabas Kule

Barnabas is our Director of Fundraising and International Relations Board member. He is tasked to see that the Karambi Group of People with disabilities mission is clearly communicated to the international communities so that the charitable and sustainable capital development for Karambi Group is growing and meeting the community needs. Barnabas holds a Degree in Social Sciences, A Diploma in Children Youth and Community Development. Barnabas is passionate at empowering local communities so that they are able to take sustainable solutions to the problems they face in their community. Barnabas is the Foundation for Community and Empowerment, Program Coordinator, an American founded organization that builds the capacity of grassroots organizations in Kasese and Rukungiri districts in Uganda. He is the founder of Thrive Uganda, a grassroot organization that educates vulnerable children, empowering families to grow organic vegetables and fruit trees for nutrition and income enhancement and restoring our planet. Barnabas is a father of four boys and he is married to Sharon Kabugho. Barnabas enjoys jogging, planting and growing trees and seeing his four boys grow. He can be reached at