Water and Sanitation

We identify villages that lack access to clean and safe water and then we seek support to help drill a community borehole to solve the problem. We work with the local leaders to locate the space where the borehole will be constructed. Community members provide the manual labor, local materials, and feeding the technical workers. After the construction, the borehole is handed over to the local authorities.

The local authorities together with KaGPWD lead the process to select the water user committee who will be responsible for the maintenance of the borehole. Near the borehole, we create a permaculture garden for the local people to learn how to farm on a small scale, as we maintain the permaculture garden we keep overseeing the operation of the borehole.

According to the Child Right Convention (CRC Article 24) – Clean water is a foundation of child health, and unsafe water causes diarrhea, it impacts child nutrition.

So access to clean water is a fundamental human right. The community boreholes ensure access to clean for people including all children. And also Women providing their families with water is a daily struggle for women and girls in rural villages of Uganda. Community boreholes bring clean water close to the families.

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Karambi has empowered me to be able to do kitchen gardening using permaculture skills and I am now able to feed my children on a balanced diet. Before I joined Karambi, I would fear how to feed the children, and I would leave them without food because the food was scarce. But now after gaining skills in permaculture, I am able to sustainably feed the children.
Karambi has given me the skills to produce food to feed the children and myself on a balanced diet, and I can sell some to get an income. I have a group that normally goes to the market to do business – selling eggplants, tomatoes, onions. When my husband died years back, the challenge was food. But after getting the skills in sustainable agriculture I am now able to feed the children. And if I am empowered more and more, I will be able to do more agriculture and then sell part of the crops to pay for school fees and buy scholastic materials for the children. I have also been able to empower the children to learn the skills too.

Fabis Sahan

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