Kato Elisha: A thriving food forestry project

’My name is Kato Elisha I am 49 years old a father of 7 children and a person living with a disability (Leprosy), I am very thankful for the food forestry project because it has helped me to enquire knowledge on how to grow trees on the small piece of land and at the same time grow vegetables and get better yields, before the training I had a very big compound which was just used for children to play but after the training, I realized that the compound can be restored and be used for production. I opted to grow pawpaw trees in part of my compound because I was told that they grow quickly which I have also appreciated. Now, whenever I get out of my house I feel like I want to cover the whole of the compound with pawpaw because in just 10 months I am seeing fruits. I truly believe that in the next 2-to 3 months I will be harvesting. I want to thank KaGPWD through their partners for supporting me and the other members of my community